From our Platinum Google Partner Team, which ranks in the top 3% of AdWords managers worldwide, to our Unique Online Reputation Management solutions, RMG Media delivers exceptional value to a wide array of business sectors throughout the US.

About us

If you are an entrepreneur with a great concept, or an established business looking for fresh perspective, RMG Media can help you find that missing piece.   

Expanding upon your brilliant vision is what keeps us up at night.  We think "outside the box" for a living.

So give us a call, and together, lets come up with something amazing...

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click advertising is RMG's Specialty.  Our PLATINUM PARTNER consultants consistently rank in the TOP 3% of AdWords managers worlwide.     

We are so confident that you will find our work outstanding, we offer the following guarantee:

Within the first 30 days of your first pay per click campaign, RMG Media will return all moneys paid for that campaign to date, no questions asked. (to find out if your company qualifies for our guarantee, please call 800-965-1801).  

  • Research

    Prior to optimizing your paid search campaign, we learn about your company, your target audience and your goals. This will ensure that we have a deep understanding of your business, which will serve us well as we build a strategy that meets and exceeds your expectations. 

  • Strategy

    There are a many factors beyond competitive keywords to consider as we develop your pay per click campaign.  Where you want your budget allocated, which parts of the country to target, breakdown of text and image ads, devices you want to appear on, and more...

  • Setup

    Once a strategy is developed then we begin implementation.  We start with a campaign structure, followed by exhaustive keyword research, and then text ad development.  With hundreds of ads ready to upload, our team will able to optimize your paid search accounts and confirm that all settings are properly integrated.

  • Monitoring

    We invest heavily in technology to ensure accurate monitoring, as well timely reporting.  This is key as our account managers keep you up to date on campaign performance no matter how short or long a campaign runs.

  • Account Management

    Each account is run by three key team members.  They include a point of contact account manager, one of our world class AdWords experts, and a highly skilled tech associate.  Nothing short of exceptional results is acceptable to our team. 

  • Reporting

    It’s critical that our paid search team review and re-review every aspect of your campaign performance.  We seek to constently improve overall performance.  A well managed account will show consistant month over month improvement.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO consultants are passionate about what they do.  They have the skill sets necessary to guide your website to ever improving organic rankings on Google and other major search engines.  An investment in our team offers the experience and expertise needed to bring only the most relevant users to your website

  • Keyword Research

    We gather thousands of keywords and develop a large number of metrics to determine a keyword’s value. They include search volume, our own competition formula, and other variables to determine how valuable a keyword is to each element of your website.

  • On-Site Optimization

    We strategically infuse our SEO strategy onto your website. From there, we audit your site’s structure and functionality.  Our careful process will optimize your website performance, and create synergy with your AdWords campaign.  This will reflect in an ever increasing quality score.

  • Google Maps & Local Pack

    Businesses that have a physical location will get special attention at the local level. Specifically, we drive search engine traffic to your geographic location.  Your website will compete in Google's local search pack and on Google Maps. Our process includes editing your local listings and populating them with search-engine friendly content. 

  • Link Building

    When it comes to increasing website authority, just getting links is ineffective. Building quality links is the only way to go. We will audit your website links, and remove harmful ones, and optimize your follow/do not follow averages.

  • Content Strategy

    The best way to optimize domain authority is via well written quality content.  This will generate excellent links and quality social media shares.  Our SEO team is both creative and forward thinking.  Quality Links and excellent content equals a highly optimized SEO campaign.

  • In-Depth Reporting

    We communicate value through clear and transparent reporting. You will regularly see where you rank for each optimized keywords, get breakdowns of search engine traffic, competitive analysis and more.  Our SEO reports are completely proprietary and customized for each of our clients.

Google AutoComplete


You may have noticed that Google populates a list of phrases under the search bar while you are typing. These guesses are referred to as AutoComplete or AutoSuggest predictions. Google’s AutoComplete predictions are compiled based on the predicted phrase appearing somewhere on the Internet and the popularity of the search query among other users.


Autocomplete is very useful for a number of reasons, but it can be problematic when Google’s algorithms start to populate with false or damaging information. 

Google’s algorithm ranks autocomplete terms in order of how frequently they are searched. An autocomplete term that is interesting (like “arrested” or “ponzi scheme”) may not be the user’s original query, but still might be clicked on out of curiosity. Google records the click and over time the autocomplete term increases in popularity.


RMG Media helps clients change their AutoComplete entries. We utilize our team of over 5000 "real clickers" (who use their own computers) around the United States to make permanent change.  Our clickers perform periodic searches that are pre-determined by our AutoComplete experts.  As a result, the natural search activity our new and Positive search terms suggests to Google become more relevant than the negative ones currently appearing.  Using the example to the right, we can convert "Joe Smith Arrested" into "Joe Smith Sales training"

Reputation Management

Our Online Reputation team works hard to make a clients positive information online easy to find, generally on the first page of Google. At the same time, we diminish the visibility of negative content away from the first page of Google. The end result is a positive online reputation for which our clients can be proud.

We don’t stop there however, and seek broader solutions that not only address reputation problems, but also create opportunities for brand enhancement.

For example, we developed a reputation building campaign for a client that specializes in Restaurant Financing. It was designed not only to improve his reputation, but to also increase his visibility as a leader within his own business niche. For privacy sake, we have changed his name to "Joe XYZ Smith"

Here are the steps we took to implement his campaign (see sample image to the right):


  • We created a Culinary scholarship in the name of our client for exceptional student chefs accross the US  
  • We wrote and published a 100 page book about the restaurant business in his name.
  • We utilized our homegrown University Network to place the scholarship with culinary institutes throughout the US. 
  • The release of the scholarship caused mass googling of our clients name.
  • The volume of search on our clients name pushes down negative listings in his name on Google.

The residual benefit to our client: 

  • He gained a following with future Chef-Entrepreneurs. The scholarship and book campaign was the vehicle by which he has greatly increased his own profile.

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